Domaine Wines – ”Beyond expectations”

Since the very start of Domaine Wines, our goal has been to become a leading importer of quality wines in the Swedish market. Thanks to a well planned strategy and a dedicated team, we have been able to establish ourselves in this strong position.

Since the start we have seen several, almost yearly, changes at Systembolaget, our biggest and most important customer. We have adapted to the changes and our close contact with the monopoly enables us to be pro-active.

Domaine Wines has received several awards in the past, for example in 2006 Domaine Wines was selected “Super Company” all categories, in Sweden’s leading business magazine, Veckans Affärer. We where the only beverage company ever to receive this award.

Domaine Wines has been awarded 10/10, the highest credit-ranking in Sweden by the leading credit institute (UC) for five consecutive years and Domaine Wines also was the only company in the wine business to be awarded the drinks industry’s highest business classification (MM1) for the fourth consecutive year, by MM Partners.

For us it is an honour to receive these awards and it shows that Domaine Wines is a solid partner to work with on the Swedish market.

Global warming is an issue that concerns all of us. For environmental reasons we have chosen to work with a logistic partner and warehouse with focus on these issues. Our logistic partner KGA Logistik is ISO-14001, ISO-9001 and FSSC 22000 certified.

Domaine Wines also has an office in Finland with focus on sales to the monopoly Alko in Finland as well as the horeca market and in Norway we have Galatea Beverages AS. In 2012 we founded Sundance Wines, an independent wine importer with focus on the Swedish monopoly market.

In 2020 our company was acquired by Galatea Group, and is since then part of the largest horeca wholesaler in Sweden, Martin & Servera. This ownership offers an opportunity for us with many synergies, new visions and a continued expansion for our business.